Money saving tips for your home water system

A water system in your home can use a lot of energy and water that will cost you money each time you get the bill. You need to discover ways that you can save money from your home water system.
With water heaters and with water usage you should look at getting an energy efficient water heater. Even though the costs of these units are pricey the cost of operating a system like this are less in cost. A tank that uses energy only when there is a need for hot water is more ideal and keeps the cost down. A normal tank holds 40 gallons or more of constant hot water. Energy is constantly being used to heat this water.
You need to get a water system that is the right size. A water tank that is too large for your needs means that energy and water are going to be wasted, however a tank that is too small might run out of hot water.
A water heater that runs off natural gas is less expensive than those that run off electricity. A natural gas heater also heats the water quicker when there is a higher demand of hot water.
A kitchen generally uses the most hot water than anywhere else in the home. You should look at putting your water heater near the kitchen so that the hot water does not have as far to travel which in turn means that less heat will be lost as its travelling.
If there are pipes that are unprotected these should be insulated with foam or pipe tape. The pipes that carry the cold water should be insulated four or five feet nearest to the water heater. Pipe insulation can actually save you money each month.
You should try keeping the water temperature down to around 50 degrees Celsius or 120 Fahrenheit. It takes a lot less energy to heat water to a lower temperature and the water will still be hot enough.
Any dripping from the faucets should be repaired immediately, because drips waste energy and water.
If you are putting in a new water heating system, have a look at putting a heat loop in or an in line trap. These devices stop hot water moving in the pipes when it’s not needed.  A plumber will be able to tell you more about these devices.
Every year you should drain water from the water heater so that any mineral deposits and sediments that could have built up can be drained. This will improve the efficiency of the water heater. If you have never drained the water before and you have had the water heater for over a year then you shouldn’t drain it. The faucet could have corroded shut and it could split if you try to force it open. If you have electric heaters remember to turn it off first.
You can also save money on your water system by getting water saving devices like low flow shower heads and faucet aerators so that the hot water usage is reduced.
There are some straightforward ways to save money on your watersystem,it’s all about being aware about how you use water. Also the equipment and how you maintain it can play a huge part to how the water system is used.

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