When factoring in the tough housing market, economic uncertainty and rising energy prices, making certain your house is efficient and comfortable, while upholding its long term value, should be one of your top priorities as a homeowner. One of the simplest ways this can be achieved is by making sure that your household HVAC systems are running optimally. This could mean simple maintenance or repairs on existing systems, or, if necessary, a complete replacement. Luckily for you, Jack’s Refrigeration Inc. is a full-service shop that can accomplish all of these tasks and more, quickly and professionally. Jack’s has a long history of excellent customer service and effective work that has kept many in the Central Valley area happy and comfortable in their expertly-serviced homes.

Heating Maintenance

The first of the three stages to top HVAC efficiency is maintenance of your current systems. Staying on top of your maintenance has many advantages and should be a primary goal of yours. With proper maintenance, your house will be safe and comfortable throughout the year, lowering the possibility of a costly repair due to system malfunctions. This will allow you to focus on living rather than worrying about if your household HVAC systems are not operating at optimum efficiency.

Proper maintenance includes checking the vital components of the heating system and cleaning/repairing any part that is not operating as it should. This involves inspecting heat exchangers, replacing air filters, checking wiring/connections, and looking for leaks or debris, all while making sure every part of your system is clean and operational. Jack’s employs some of the best technicians in the business while offering generous pricing with regard to maintaining your systems, so call today to make sure you are well maintained.

Heating Repairs

If you, or your Jack’s technician, notices any issues with the system that may require a full or partial repair, immediate action should be taken. A faulty system will not only increase the final balance on your utility bill to unsustainable levels, but it will also put you and your family (along with your house) in an unsafe position. As all the countless individuals who have been too slow to fix the problem can attest, a repair is much cheaper than a complete replacement. Jack’s offers full repair services that are finished are guaranteed to be finished in a timely and efficient manner.

Heating System Replacement and Installation

To truly put yourself in the best position possible, especially if you have older equipment, a focus on acquiring and installing the highest quality heating system for your needs is your best bet. The difference between a newer model heating system and one from even 10-20 years ago is truly night and day. With new efficiency standards and a strong adherence to federal programs, such as Energy Star, new models will surely give you the savings and comfort you are looking for. Having a system with substandard specs, like a low AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) can be a money pit, so even with a high initial investment cost, new systems will not only save you money in the long run, but may also increase the value and of you home if you decide to sell it.

As you can see, taking care of your HVAC systems is essential in providing you and your family a safe and comfortable standard of living while allowing your home’s value to appreciate. Jack’s offers many of the best heating systems on the market, and are well-versed in installation, maintenance, and repair of these high-tech machines. For the best service and most knowledgeable technicians, contact Jack’s today.